Let’s help together the work of Cat Shelter Association in Szeged!

Dear PhD Students!

SZTE DÖK and the Department of Biological and Chemical Sciences of the National Association of Doctoral Students jointly organize a shelter fundraiser this year!

This fall, let’s support the operation of the Cat Shelter Association in Szeged together, where the kittens waiting in love and care and looking for their responsible forever owners!


How can you help the Association’s running?
*To cover veterinary expenses, they are happy to receive support to their bank account or in the donation box at the entrance of the Biology Institute (Közép fasor 52)! 👩‍⚕️👨‍⚕️
Cat Shelter Association bank account number:
*Food for cats – the Association treats many cats with kidney disease, so they are happy to accept kidney diet foods (renal feeds) as well!
*Immune-boosting products
*Equipment, toys for cats

The donation collection box can be found at the entrance of the Institute of Biology, if you would like to send your donation in another way, please contact: dora.balazs91@gmail.com

If you want to adopt, you can find information about the adoption process and the cats waiting for their owners on the Association’s Facebook page!

Thank you very much everyone for your support!

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